Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Some more Cindy

As I said before, we've decided to keep Cindy for a long time so I've been making up a list of jobs needing doing and a few that are just a bit of pimping!

I like the pimping ones so I've been surfing for pics on the web - I don't think V220's are the usual pimping fodder but I'm amazed at how many smart looking examples there are around - it has to be said though that most seem to be in Europe, especially Germany.

I've already managed to get some shiny bits off the bay of E for a bargainous price so soon Cindy will have a nice stainless steel A-bar and matching side rails combo. Unfortunately the wheels I like are fucking expensive so it'll take me a while to save up for them unless another Ebay bargain appears.

She's got a few wee rusty bits on the edges of some panels so I'll get them all sorted soon and get her paintwork up to scratch and then I'll do some work on the interior - really just a case of replacing the cheap plastic thingies that hold the interior trim in place and sticking some sound insulation behind all the panels so she's even quieter on the inside. The carpets all need a damn good shampoo as well but I'll wait until I can take them all out and do it on the patio one day.

Hopefully by the time summer comes she'll be all nice and shiny and looking good.

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  1. Good blog so far dude! You could blog about your battle with the fags too, you'd probably get a rake of hits on that!