Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Bored again!

yep! - I'm bored again - been at the docs today and have been signed off for another 4 weeks :-(

The wind is mental outside so not able to go and potter with the car - Cindy is still not up and running - she's all back together but it looks like I've got a problem with the injector internals - new injectors should arrive in the post tomorrow - then we will be up and running - I've replaced seals on the fuel system as well and checked all the wiring loom under the bonnet - what a long and laborious task that was.
I sat last night and wrapped some trim parts in Carbon fibre sheet - they turned out well, promise I'll put pics up once I find the download cable for my phone.
I had been hoping to get some bike time while I've been off but the weathers been crap - either too windy or icy - and when it's been good enough to go out I've had neither the energy nor the inclination - if the crapiness breaks I'll definitely get out - it's amazing how much I miss being out.

My Genesis Latitude - I tried a few bikes out but to be honest when I sat on this one it just felt totally right - one of those bikes that you just want to ride - so I sure as hell want to get out and ride more.
Yodagoat and Mr Woods took me night riding at Glentress a wee while back - it was a fucking blast and I ordered my own Magicshites as soon as I got back.
I've told junior that all the crap bike stuff round the back of the shed has to go - so it'll be clear out time when we get a half decent day - I'll keep the bits I want to keep and get rid of the rest - it'll still leave one or two projects to do - a Diamondback X-link (99p on Ebay) ; his Specialised P1 (need some 24" wheels) ; a GT iDrive which need a new seat post and an old 80's Diamondback Ascent which was complete bar the front wheel - it still has the majority of its Smoky paint with a purple clear coat on top.
 I do have the bars in the shed somewhere.....................

The original Biopace chainring - i've read conflicting reports on whether it is good or bad - I'll just have to try it myself to find out.

 The paint is only damaged in a few places so I think I'd prefer to try to match and touch in - it would be such a shame to strip and repaint a different colour. And I'll have to get some replacement stickers made up.

Well, must go for a dump so I'll finish there.