Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Blame it on Yodagoat

It's his fault! - After following his and Coastkids blogs for a while he's badgered  me to have a go myself - I'm not exactly convinced that anything I post will be of interest to anyone but what the hell...............

............So here I am, off work cos I'm feeling like shit and can't be arsed doing much else.

First question - what the fuck can I put on here?  

A bit of Mountainbiking - I got a wee cheap camera recently so I'll start farting aroung with this and put up some bits and bobs.

A few bits about keeping Cindy the love bus on the road - I'm just about finished doing a rather massive job on her so I think this might be my first post.

I'm sure as I go along I'll end up posting even more boring crap but you never know, I might surprise myself and have something interesting  at some point.

I'll have a muck around on here today and see how I get on - must go and edit my profile first and then upload some photos - need to set up a flicker account first and have another coffee.

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